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Fuchsia Molly

Wake-Up Cup

Wake-Up Cup

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You're not a morning person? Do you always have to rub a ton of sand out of your eyes every morning? Then we know what your morning routine looks like. You definitely need a dose of caffeine to start a new day! Two is stronger than one. And your co-workers don't always have positive things to say about people who dread the mornings. So that's why we would like to introduce you to your perfect partner in crime: The Wake Up Cup!!

The Wake Up Cup has the same morning routine as you do. It's asleep when you take it out of the cupboard but as soon as it gets a dose of caffeine it wakes up. Single or not: from now on you'll wake up next to someone every morning!

  • FDA LFGB certificated
  • Holds 10 oz
  • One piece per pack

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